Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Re-Spin 20071211 failed

I usually answer to those who ask if the Fedora Unity Re-Spin is to be released soon, that we are in the middle of our testing process and it might take some time before that process is over as our testers just like me are volunteers who do this in their own free time, and there's actually quite few of them. Not to mention that at any point during that process the Re-Spin might render unusable -we do not want to release crap only to find out too late it is actually crap and then start all over again.

Anyway, to all of you who were waiting on a Fedora Unity Re-Spin for Fedora 8, I can now tell you that we've canceled testing on 20071211 and that it is not going to be released. We have spun 20071218 as a next attempt, it's being distributed amongst our testers as we speak. This means that it will take at least another week before the Re-Spin is released, unless you speed up the process.

Although a Christmas release is nice and all that, to those of you that read this and are waiting (upgrades? i586? cdrom installation using kickstart? anyone?), I'd like you to ask yourself:

Should I step up, join the test-team and check off one of the tests in the testing matrix, or wait until the release and then do the exact same thing but without checking off one of the tests. Am I not doing the work already anyway, with or without this Re-Spin?

I believe someone out there does NFS installs on a daily basis. Can we tempt you to try our Re-Spin for a change and let us know how it's holding up? Anyone who does HTTP/FTP installs regularly? Same offer ;-)

Again, this Re-Spin will not hit the public until we've verified that there is no regression compared to stock F8. You can help us (and others) by doing what it is you normally do with Re-Spins or installation media, and telling us what it is you did... Think about it ;-)

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