Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fedora 8 Re-Spin in the making

A Fedora 8 Re-Spin is in the making, and as often we have a couple of issues we want to resolve with this Re-Spin:
These are not all bugs in stock Fedora 8 that we want to resolve, but just the ones we've been pointed to by other community members. Just so that it is clear; we do need you to let us know what it is you want resolved in a Re-Spin, or otherwise, possibly, we end up with a Re-Spin being released that still has the bugs or errors you wanted to see resolved.

On of these bugs is related to i586 hardware, on which anaconda would be unable to perform an upgrade according to #367731, due to selecting the wrong glibc and/or openssl package for this specific arch. While, as you know, anaconda doesn't get updates during a release cycle, we backported the fix for this issue from anaconda development into Fedora 8 stock anaconda (, hoping to resolve this issue. Obviously in this case we need people to test the fix to actually fix the issue, as we ourselves to not have any i586 hardware.

The same however goes for all the other issues we try to fix in a Re-Spin, lots of which we don't even know about (and thus cannot test for), and others we cannot reproduce and thus not confirm resolved.

If you are willing to help us in this quest, or know of an issue we might be able to take into account when doing a Re-Spin, please let us know via email, or visit us on FreeNode in #fedora-unity.

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