Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i586 install/upgrade issue fixed, next issue please

The installation and/or upgrade issue with anaconda on i586 hardware has been confirmed fixed! (you can't imagine how happy that makes me ;p)

Keith G. Robertson-Turner, a community member that had some i586 hardware and wanted to upgrade to Fedora 8 took a chance trying to upgrade using our first attempt to fix the issue in a Re-Spin (20071207), which failed miserably. With 20071209 though I finally nailed the issue, as he has now confirmed he was able to upgrade to Fedora 8. Thanks Keith!

One other issue we are definitely trying to solve with the Re-Spin is the yum dependency resolving bug. We've tried composing with yum-3.2.7-1.fc8, yum-3.2.7-2.fc8, and finally with yum-3.2.8-1.fc8, we have these lying around on some archiving file-server. As none of these versions fixed anything related to the dependency resolving, we are now trying to create a Re-Spin with the updates.img provided by Jeremy Katz in #372011.

Again, feel free to mail me concerning any other issues you experience, that you think might be resolved with a Re-Spin. Give me a bugzilla bug number that I can watch or has been resolved, or a package's changelog entry, anything related to fixing things ;-)

Look for Fedora Unity's official Re-Spin Release, solving at least these two major issues, it'll be up on the appropriate mailing lists and websites once we're ready.

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