Thursday, November 8, 2007

So what takes me 5 hours?

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that after 5 hours Fedora Unity releases CD sets. What makes us be so late? I had the bits, I could have started earlier... But I didn't.

Then when I finally did start composing the CD media, it seemed one would need disc 1 though 5 (!) to perform a default install. That couldn't be right, could it?

Figuring out in what order to select groups during the package ordering stage, a commute home and a dinner later, it finally hit me. You gotta know though that it takes a couple of test installations to see if you fixed the problem or not. Each takes me about 30 minutes on my laptop...

Finally though, the work is done. Now, distributing bits from my internet connection at home isn't a funny hobby, but it's out there. Yes!

The point behind this whole exercise was not to respin the DVD into a CD set. Because we were going to distribute the product via Jigdo, I had made a goal out of having as much bits as possible distributed via the official Fedora Project mirrors. As you might know Revisor rebuilds the installer, and once those kernel images and installer images differ from what is on the Fedora Project Mirrors, you're looking at a 160 MB template just for one disc. Now though, the template for CD1 is approximately 20 MB, and the other discs are just a few KB.

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