Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lessons Learned

From Fedora Unity's CD release for Fedora 8 we've learned the following lessons:
  1. Generate i386 templates first, then x86_64 templates
    Not doing so will cause i386 bits to be leeched from the x86_64 repositories for reasons related to how generating the templates and slices work, and is confusing to users.
  2. Do not generate the ISO templates against a loop-mounted DVD ISO, as files such as "TRANS.TBL" are in the loop-mounted tree but do not exist in the expanded tree that is available on the mirrors.
    The user will end up with missing files.
  3. Replace occurrences of "+" in the .jigdo file with "%2B" because otherwise "wget" (used by the jigdo client) will request the wrong file (resulting in a 404 and thus an incomplete ISO re-compilation).
Needless to say that with these errors the .jigdo files including the .template files will be regenerated and within the next hour everything should be OK.

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