Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First Day at LinuxTag

This first day of LinuxTag, I'm not standing at the booth and talking to people, I'm just sitting in a cafe am Messe-Berlin trying to fix the latest bugs in Revisor, sipping away *lots* of coffee and triple lattes and the like ;-). The other Fedora Ambassadors come sit next to me every once in a while so basically I have company all the time ;p

Back to the Revisor topic -I've spoken to Lance from CentOS telling him how cool Revisor is and that I want it to run on CentOS/RHEL as well... Or at least compose CentOS/RHEL media -from a Fedora box maybe? I don't know yet, we'll take a look at it tomorrow.

Anyway, I've taken all 2.0.3 release milestone tickets and fixed them, so that we are able to show off Revisor to the world, or at least that part of the world that is here.

It's 4:34 in the morning now overhere, so I'm going to try and take some sleep ;-) NN!

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