Friday, May 18, 2007

Does this look like a sane patch to send upstream?

I've been working on a patch to send upstream, to pungi to be exact.

Revisor as a GUI front-end for users allows them to easily create and customize installation media, but actually uses pungi to do so. Pungi, created by Jesse Keating, is the tool to create installation media as it's also being used to compose the official releases made by the Fedora Project. I'm not sure if pungi is also being used for RHEL releases, I think it is.

Anyway, Revisor wants to allow the user to choose the certain type of media to create, ergo CDs or DVDs. While pungi didn't have this option yet, Revisor needs to implement this flexibility upstream. This concludes in a patch, that upstream can choose to apply if it looks sane, or reject if it's insane or doesn't comply with what upstream sees fit.

Anyway, this patch is not just a patch, it really messes with the internals of things pungi does, so I'll need to make sure that my 'cheats' are plausible methods of changing how pungi does things.

I'm not sure this patch will be accepted, but I'm gonna give it a go anyway.

Proof-of-concept patch to pungi

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