Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fedora FUDCon HackFest

After a nice, smooth flight from Amsterdam to Raleigh, via Philadelphia -which BTW is a bad airport to have a three hour stay-over although they do have power outlets, there's no WiFi that I could connect to and tunnel through, and just so happened to have a really long line at Customs-, Jonathan Steffan and myself started the HackFest almost immediately after my arrival ;-)

Today at the "formal" HackFest we've actually accomplished some milestones for Revisor. We've long anticipated the moment we could import livecd-tools and actually start using that, and after pulling the bits from GIT we are now able to do so. Hopefully, this version is going to end up in at least rawhide soon, too.

In addition, we hooked modcobbler back into what is becoming 2.1.0, hopefully soon to be released to rawhide! 2.1.0 has been re-factored to include these modules, which practically enables us to plug-in all kinds of modules without having to re-factor our base application anymore. The GUI at this point is going to become a module to the Revisor base application also. We'll ensure though that 'yum install revisor' does install the Joe User GUI application ;-)

Next up is the rest of the Revisor modules; we'll start with modjigdo and the separate application pyjigdo, just to make sure the Fedora Unity Re-Spin process are smoothened.

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