Friday, July 27, 2007

Unluckiest person for RH302, ever

Originally, I had planned to take RH300 (RH302 including the Rapid Course Track) July 9th. When it seemed that a FUDCon was to be held starting July 13th (the day I would have taken the actual exam RH302), I canceled my seat and planned for a long stay at Raleigh, NC -which at that time was the location where FUDCon was to be held. Then, as you all know, FUDCon was moved to either 3-5 August, or 10-12 August, and I really hoped and lobbied for the first weekend, because I knew July 27th, there was a RH302 too. Instead of staying a week longer and then take the RHCE Exam, I'd have arrived a week earlier and took a jet-lag exam trying to pass for RHCE.

Back to the original point of the post; since all that was canceled, I tried to get back a seat in the RH300 course I had planned originally -July 9th. I succeeded ;-)

After a 4 day RHEL5 internal workings re-cap, I thought I was ready to take the exam. I'll tell you right-away, I didn't pass.

Half-way through the exam, the network failed. Not just my network, but the entire network. Obviously, that sucks. The exam got canceled but I gotta say: That shit just happens, there's nothing anyone could have done about it.

Anyway I had to re-take the exam at some later day and of course the sooner the resit, the better. Red Hat apparently had some trouble re-scheduling for today, July 27th, which would have been the first opportunity, if not the RH300 course track planned for that week had been canceled. They told us the next (sure) opportunity would be August 17th (that is a 5 week wait just to re-take the exam), and that they'd try to arrange something for July 27th.

Just now however I got an email from Farnborough asking me why I couldn't attend the resit today, because they seemed to have missed me. I didn't know there was a resit today. I didn't get any seat confirmation, invitation or notification, whatsoever. I didn't get any for August 17th either. I sure hope I get a chance to pass RHCE some time, hopefully without too much trouble ;-)

I seem to be the unluckiest person wanting to take the RH302 exam, ever ;-)

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