Saturday, June 23, 2007

Revisor Enabling Translations

Revisor, having released it's final 2.0.3 version ( is now in updates-testing), hopefully fixing any bugs in the feature set we had up and until now, has now moved to add all kinds of features to finally, at some point, become available to you in the 2.0.4.x version set.

We have not yet listed our priorities as to what feature we add first, but two things that were not in Revisor yet have always been quite important to Fedora; localization and accessibility.

I'm glad to announce that we've enabled Revisor to be fully localized, with help of Dimitris Glezos (Fedora l10n Team, helped me getting my ducks in a row) and Piotr "Raven" Drag (being the first one to translate Revisor to pl_PL). Now, obviously, we need translators to start translating ;-)

The other feature, accessibility, is harder, I think. If anyone of you that reads this can help us with that, I'd appreciate.

To get the latest and "greatest":

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